Envelope card

Of course I have to work hard to get enough christmas cards before the end of the year. This is one of them. This time not with a stamp but with a 3D sheet.


A scrapcard to post a note on. The stamp is a cute housemouse.


This fairy card was made based on an idea I had for a layout. The background is a picture made in the fall.

Here the layout, hope you will get some new ideas with it.


This time a very simple stamping card. Easy to make and with colors like this, very attractive.

Used materials:
- Black, red and white cardstock
- Black pigment ink
- Red dye ink
- Ribbon
- Text stamp
- Figure stamp (stampinback)

Punching card

A card made with a combination of different techniques. This is what I like about making cards.

Used materials:
- White and red cardstock
- Stitching pattern of Ann's PaperArt
- 3D sheet from Janneke Brinkman
- Embossing stencil Joy
- 3 different punches


A nice present if you do not want to give flowers or chocolates, this giftbox with 4 small cards and envelopes. The cards can be used to add to a gift like flowers.

Used materials:
- off-white cardstock
- scrappaper
- text stamps (stampinback)
- small stamps (magnolia)
- small and medium spirelli punch
- 1 eyelet
- piece of velcro

Card for a weekassignment

This card I made for weekassignment on a group. The scrappaper I used is self made from a picture of a yellow tulip.

Used materials:
- White and black cardstock
- 2 different scrappapers (made them myself)
- tinkerbell stamp
- penny black stamp
- bengel stamp
- text stamp (behind the flap
- ribbon
- 2 brads
- 2 eyelets (labels)

Stitching card

This card is made with a beautiful rose pattern that I like because it is simple but very stylish.

Used materials:
- Stitching pattern Ann's PaperArt
- Copper color yarn
- Parchment paper
- 4 brads
- Black, silver and dark read cardstock